Galapagos – Snorkelling, Sea Lions and Last Days

​Howdy all. The tour has finished and I am back on the road alone, in the town of Riobamba tonight. It’s a nice place, very lively with young people right now. It is Friday night after all! 

From the last time I wrote I’ve taken a very bumpy ride on a speed boat to San Cristobel Island where I didn’t get up to a hell of a lot, however I did have a couple of amazing experiences whilst there for a day and a bit. 

Two days ago I headed out to Playa Mann, a little beach on the island with some decent snorkelling and a number of sea lions. One ‘Alpha Male’ went up and down the short coastline for hours honking away protecting his territory. The whole island is famous for sea lions and we had some entertainment from them at different points, but the best thing was snorkelling with them.

I swam out and before I knew it, there was one in front of me diving and twisting and playing around. Another was eating (seaweed) and both were great for video – my underwater camera worked this time! I’ll need to wait to get home to compile a video of this experience however I did manage to take a few photos as well.

Also swam along for a bit with a couple of schools of fish. Amazing! Loved every second of it. Then yesterday I was determined to get some photos of a blue footed booby. I went to a recommended place and couldn’t find one anywhere. Just as I was about to leave, about 70 metres away I spotted one on the rocks. I slowly walked towards it, taking photos as I did worried it would fly off, but I got to 2 metres away and was happy that I could get some good shots.

Then, well, it was to the airport, back to Quito, sleep, wake, breakfast, cab and bus to Riobamba. Tomorrow I am taking this amazing train ride called ‘The Devil’s Nose’ which goes down a mountain via a series of ‘switchbacks’. But that will be another story! May the Journey Never End!


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