Hobbits, Volcanoes, Auckland and Leaving New Zealand

Well that’s another albeit short trip almost done and dusted. I write to you from Auckland airport awaiting my first Airbus 380 experience on the way home to Melbourne.20151127_080322

Friday was a great day when I visited Hobbiton from Rotorua. Saw the small doors and drank an ale in The Green Dragon.

Saturday was the bus journey in driving rain to Auckland. Yesterday I ventured to Rangatoto Island to climb a volcano and back to Auckland to go up the Sky Tower.


This morning we went to the Museum of Transport and Technology, which was pretty interesting all told. Had to brave the bus system which wasn’t too bad in the end (basically wasn’t running on Sunday) and it’s mostly outside. Had an interesting little open-air village too, so it wasn’t limited to transport and technology. Historic little cottages rock!


Anyways, I’ve just found this post wasn’t complete and finished it up on Tuesday morning. Had some wi-fi issues at Auckland Airport when I authored it yesterday. Didn’t realise I’d lost the last part. Tomorrow I am hoping to have a bit of a summary post up about my time in New Zealand, and then slowly I will be reviewing in detail where I stayed, the airlines and what I saw. Thanks for reading and May the Journey Never End!



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