Covid Cam #7 – Andy Took the Test!

Hey all. Earlier this week I took the test. I’ve had a bit of a sniffle. Doctor suggested I MIGHT want to get tested, and there are testing stations set up all over the place right now so I went to my local shopping centre where a drive through test is set up in the car park, and this is what it was like!

Thanks for popping by and joining me for this unpleasant experience, but the more that get tested the better idea we’ll have about the spread which will hopefully lead to returning to normal life sooner! May the Journey Never End!

7 thoughts on “Covid Cam #7 – Andy Took the Test!

  1. Hey Andy, you touched your face after the test. I don’t think you’re supposed to.
    This drive through test is so innovative, how long has it been going on in Australia? And I noticed there were quite a number of motorists on the highway, was there a lockdown or it’s already relaxed?
    Cheers to more adventures and I pray this returns negative.

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