Travel Bloggers from Croatia, Nigeria and the USA!

Today is my final ‘round up’ of my interviews from last year. And these four bloggers are no less exceptional than those who came before! From the US to Croatia to Nigeria, here are four more absolutely sensational bloggers!

Gymnastics & Travel Combine – Interview with Diana DiMarco!

Diana DiMarco’s blog is entitled ‘Handstands Around the World’, which I think gives perfect insight into this great blog run by a great blogger. Diana has been to loads of places, and yes she appears to have done handstands in most if not all of them, but she always presents with this kind of energy which makes her blog so engaging!

Exclusive Interview – Top Travel Blogger John Polley

John Polley is the owner/writer of the blog Salsa World Traveler, an exceptional travel blog which I have started following over the last year or less. His photography is stunning and he has a love of travel and aviation almost unrivalled!

Interview with Pioneering Nigerian Travel Blogger Eromonsele Emmanuel!

Eromonsele and his blog Erico Trips I have followed for a couple of years now. He was the first Nigerian travel blogger I became aware of, and he has a fantastic blog which he puts a lot of energy into. Although I know he surely isn’t, in my head he is the ‘first’ Nigerian travel blogger! He shares so much of his homeland, and has a love of art galleries and is one of the most supportive bloggers I know!

From Croatia to the UK – Exclusive Interview with Tanja from the Red Phone Box Travels

I’ve followed Tanja for a couple of years, and like most she’s had a leaner 2020 when it comes to travel, but who wouldn’t like to travel the world, nay, Universe in a telephone box? Tanja’s blog is awesome, she lives now in Croatia with her husband and their child, and this, as all the blogs, is one you can’t afford not to read!

Well, thanks again to all the bloggers and vloggers who have took part last year in my interviews. Next week I look to start a new round of interviews, so please do stay tuned! Some may be old bloggers but new interviews, and others may be brand new interviewees! So stay tuned! Oh, and, May the Journey Never End!


13 thoughts on “Travel Bloggers from Croatia, Nigeria and the USA!

  1. Aw, many thanks to you for hosting us Andy. So many great names here and I’m proud to be a part of…

    You’re incredible and also the first Australian travel blogger I met online.

    Here’s to more cheerful days on the blogosphere! 🥂

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